Bob Juran

The company President, Bob Juran, came from the hazardous waste industry and was responsible for environmental compliance at a hazardous waste disposal facility located near Madison Wisconsin. It was at this site that Bob developed an insight into the various routes that regulated waste streams make their way to their final destination and the various methods that waste can be treated or destroyed.

From this Background in the waste industry, Bob joined the Environmental consulting firm of Liesch Environmental Services. At Liesch, Bob developed the concept of providing special waste management services to a wide variety of waste generators. The concept was to provide a service to waste generators that was much more like an environmental consultant then a waste broker. The need to make sure that a client is in conformance with environmental regulations is paramount.

The first order of business with a new or potential client is to make sure that the waste that is being generated is properly characterized and profiled. RAI will work with a client to review documents such as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s), profiles from other waste disposal companies and laboratory analysis. From this information, RAI will develop a profile and determine which waste disposal site would be the best fit for a client. RAI reviews and inspects a wide variety of Treatment Storage and Disposal Sites (TSDF’s) around the county. RAI will only do business with TSDF’s that have met our approval. A clients waste will be transported to an RAI approved site based on disposal and transportation costs. A client will be provided with a high level of assurance that their regulated waste is being sent a well run facility.

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